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Toddy Shops?

A toddy shop is a drinking establishment seen in some parts of India (particularly Kerala) where palm toddy, a mildly alcoholic beverage made from the sap of palm trees, is served along with food. The food served with toddy is very spicy and hot with chilies. The main dish is tapioca with red fish curry.

Our Chef


Hemant Kishore


“I was initially looking for a commercial kitchen to operate my lunch delivery service. The hunt was harder than I thought. But finally I found this bar that had a deserted kitchen that needed some love,” Hemant said in an email interview to The News Minute.

Our Space

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Our Space

the inn zone

The Inn Zone has been a staple of the Las Vegas bar scene for over 30 years. This eclectic neighborhood watering hole has pool tables, shuffleboard, video poker, a full bar and all the charm to match. There is literally something for everyone, over 21, looking for a great, authentic local bar to hang out at.

Rent Our Space

Looking to find the perfect space for your party? Our intimate dining area is available to rent out for your special events. The space can seat up to 35 people very comfortably. Please contact us at eat@thehklife.com for availability.


All of our catering menus are created custom, to reflect the varying and unique tastes of each of our clientele. Consult with us and see what colorful dishes we can create for your special event! Please email Kristen at eat@thehklife.com to inquire further.

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